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Cookies and privacy policy

Cookies on www.agriworker.eu 

When you enter www.agriworker.eu, a range of information is gathered about you, your computer and your responses on the web.app. Please see below, for information on how we treat this information.


www.agriworker.eu is run by the partners behind the project “sowing the seeds”. The project is a consortium of 7 partners from Austria, Denmark, Germany and Poland. The project is founded by Erasmus+ 

The agriworker is a web-app where migrant and seasonal workers in agriculture can learn about their rights and labour market conditions when working in agriculture in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Poland. 

As the owner of the website www.agriworker.eu is 3F. 3F is responsible for the use of cookies on agriworker.eu

For questions, please contact 3F: 

3F Den Grønne Gruppe
Kampmannsgade 4
DK-1790 Copenhagen V
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone +45 8892 1071

Cookies on agriworker.eu

When visiting agriworker.eu and accepting our policy, your computer automatically stores one or more cookies.

agriworker.eu requires that your equipment accepts our cookies. If you do not wish to accept cookies from sdg8.dk, we are not able to show you our website content.

What is a cookie? 

A cookie is a small data file that agriworker.eu stores on your computer or smartphone, in order to recognize your computer or smartphone, the next time you visit us. A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread a computer virus nor any other harmful programs. 

The lifetime of a cookie depends on its application purpose. Some cookies disappear, as soon as you leave and close down our website agriworker.eu, others exist until they are deleted. 

How does agriworker.eu utilize cookies?

Agriworker.eu commits itself to comply with existing guidelines of cookies processing, as they are determined by the Association of Danish Interactive Medias. 

Third party cookies

Agriworker.eu utilizes a range of services, that may store cookies on your computer or smartphone. 

This is how agriworker.eu utilizes third party cookies:

  • Visitor data: agriworker.eu utilizes Google Analytics to register number of visits, page views and users on agriworker.eu. 
  • This is done by the use of third party cookies. Furthermore, anonymized data about visits is used to document the number of visits on pages and sub-pages. This information is used to document our results to Erasmus+. If you want to avoid that Google Analytics registers your visit click here.   

Gamification, quizzes and questionnaires on the webapp

We use different kinds of gamification on the APP: 

  • Survey Monkey is providing questionnaires for feedback and improving of the APP
  • Leadfamily is providing the platform for gamification on the APP. 

Both the questionnaires and the different kinds of gamification are producing anonymized data and do not collect IP-addresses.