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The AgriWorker project – sowing the seeds for agricultural migrant workers

As the future is digital, also in agriculture, the Agriworker web app is an Erasmus+ project that aims combining learning about workers' rights and develop digital competences of migrant workers in agriculture in a sector where no or very few digital learning solutions exists.

Target group

The target group is migrant and seasonal agricultural workers from Eastern and Southern part of Europe with few basic digital skills and with no or little local language skills in the country of work.


The aim of the agriworker project is that migrant agricultural workers can develop their digital skills while learning about their worker’s rights when working in agriculture in the four project countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany and Poland.

The Agriworker app is an e-tool designed directly for the migrant agricultural workers. Here they can learn about the most common questions that arises about working conditions in agriculture in the project countries, such as payment rates, holidays, how to understand the payslip. The agricultural worker can also get basic knowledge about the country of work, and options for for life long learning.

The learning approach of the APP

Having the smartphone in centrum of our means of communication, the APP attempts to work with alternative and interactive learning strategies and methods engaging the migrant agricultural workers to develop the digital skills. Therefore, the project has put great effort into providing texts in and easy and understandable way. Quizzes and graphics are supporting the information provided on the app.

Partners behind the project

The AgriWorker project is founded by a strong partnership of trade unions, interest organizations and agricultural chambers in Poland, Austria, Germany and Denmark and the vocational school of Køge Handelsskole, Denmark.

Inspiration and further outreach

As the web-APP is a European digital tool, the APP is not only a tool for migrant workers in the countries of the project holders. The web-APP can be a tool for all agricultural workers in the project countries. Furthermore, the tool is intended to be included in the general training programs of shop-stewards in agriculture in the partner-countries.

It is also the hope that the AgriworkerAPP can be of inspiration to other branches on how to develop alternative digital learning activities for adult learners where few digital learning alternatives exists. Thereby, we hope to sow a seed for the agricultural migrant workers.

Learn more about the partners behind the project